An outstanding hydrothermal ultra-pure quartz deposit directly accessible on a deep water front.


"Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals. [...] However, only very few deposits are suitable in volume, quality and amenability to tailored refining methods for specialty high purity applications. As such high purity quartz ha become one of today's key strategic minerals with applications in hight-tech industries..."

(Blankenburg et al. 1994; Haus 2005, 2010; Moore 2005; Dal Martello et al. 2011a, b).
Source: R Haus et Al, "Assessment of High Purity Quartz Resources", Dofner-Anzaplan, 2012, Chap 2. page 29


"The future belongs to smart materials that change their properties in response to their environment and / or confer additional functions."

- Jean Marleau, CEO

Located at 13km East of Baie Johan-Beetz village, the PAL deposit is easily accessible both by land and by sea.


In a nutshell, PAL project is:


  • High Tech value : over 99.6% pure quartz - minimum 1.9 million metric tons
  • Architectural value : over 99% pure quartz - minimum 3 million metric tons
  • Environmental value : complete commercial use of all extracted materials including residues
  • Logistical value : Minimal distance from a deep water pier
  • Financial value : ROI of 3-5 years while providing positive commercial impact on regional communities.