• Strictly profit driving mining methods are not socially accepted in western developed countries;
  • Creation of new jobs is not paramount due development of ore bodies and other natural resources now being subjected to heavy social pressure;
  • Traditional mining projects are subjected to highly competitive pressure from emerging countries.

With that in mind, it is our responsibility to have...

Social acceptance:

Crête White - 50°17' North, 62° 38' East
Crête White - 50°17' North, 62° 38' East
  • 13 km from the closest housing – no dust or noise problems;
  • Sole major industry in the immediate area, having a significant local economic impact;
  • Local authorities are welcoming and are interested to participate in the capitalization of the project


Low environmental impact

  • 100% of extracted material is sold, either as prime product or as a micronized residue – no tailings
  • Short distance between extraction, transformation and ship loading, reducing handling and trucking requirements
  • Low carbon emission – Energy comes for hydroelectricity or other renewable sources
  • No harsh chemicals released to environment
  • No health threatening material

Healthy profitability with proper return on investment

  • Project has been designed in phases so that each phase is providing an ROI of 3 to 5 years.