Our vision

Our dream would be to create and run an operation which would use all raw materials without any waste, using Eco-friendly technologies to add high value and resulting in high yield for investors and surrounding communities while respecting all local laws & regulations.

With this in mind, we will have...

  1. To find and develop minerals of the future and technologies to improve their values.
  2. To locate commercially sound deposits having more then 25 years of operational life.
  3. To teamwork with our investors building proper capital structure
  4. To teamwork with governments and local communities making them stakeholders for our mutual success.
  5. To find all feasible avenues to commercialize 100% of extracted materials, eliminating tailings and reducing the negative environmental impact.
  6. To maximize the contribution of local labor pool and businesses, making them actively interested in our success.
  7. To create world class products where quality is more important than low price.
  8. To use resources in a frugal and intelligent way maintaining reasonable cost of operation.
  9. To carefully recruit and invest in the development of our employees so to get a highly motivated, loyal and enthusiastic workforce.
  10. To keep in mind the interest of everyone involved, including a good ROI for initial investors, a healthy yielding, a proper salary level for all involved, an active participation in local community's projects, a long term benefit plan for employees (insurances, retirement plan, etc.) and finally, a sound site rehabilitation program to provide future generation with value added territory once mining will be over.