Deposit History

Since 1899, articles and studies were published regarding the mineralization of the area. A total of 10 outcropping milky quartz veins were identified East of Baie Johan-Beetz area since the 1940s. Johan Beetz Bay is on the St-Lawrence Gulf.


In 1977, Mr. R. A. Marleau, M.Sc. Ph.D., geologist specialized in industrial minerals investigated through the years for PAL, has staked numerous claims at Baie Johan-Beetz which some became the deposit of Quartz “smart mineral” bedded‐vein of high grade SiO².


PAL owned a Mining Lease (BM 794) from 1990 to 2010, and this mining lease was transformed back into claim titles for exploration purposes (tax credit).


In addition to the Property proximity to the St-Lawrence Gulf, the local low cost of hydro-electricity, the open-pit extraction scenario and the high purity quartz known prior to 1996, the project interest was risen by the construction of route 138 between Havre St-Pierre and Natashquan in that same year. A deep water wharf, now out of service, is located 13 km West of the Property.


Since the last valuation report in 2005 on the quartz property, a sampling campaign has taken place in 2010. The quartz collected was from Vein 2 and analyzed for its silica and oxide contents, and was tested through chains of technologies to remove its impurities (beneficiation).