The deposit is located in the province of Québec (50º 17’ North and 62º 48’ West) , at 13 km  East of Johan-Betz-Bay village.

It is at 750 meters (½ mile) South-West of provincial road 138.

Coordinates: 50°17' North, 62° 38' East

Deep water pier

The deep water pier is located at 13km (±8 miles) from the deposit. It is accessible by private road, 4 km (±2½ miles) South-West of provincial road 138.

Johan-Betz-Bay village

Johan-Beetz-Bay is located 289km East of Sept-Isles.

Johan-Beetz-Bay Seaplane Base (YBJ)

Baie-Johan-Beetz Seaplane Base іs located 5NM southwest оf Johan-Beetz-Bay.

Havre Saint-Pierre Airport (YGV)

Located 66km East of Johan-Beetz-Bay, the Havre Saint-Pierre Airport is a public airport. It is managed by Transport Canada. A regional carrier operates flights with a regular schedule.