Initial Phase: confirmation of preliminary data

  • Confirmation of past geological reports and ore body valuation;
  • Production of 2 architectural quartz blocks and testing production factory;
  • Completion of the third R&D phase for the enrichment of quartz with specific goals: 50ppm of impurities, maximum of 15ppm of Boron;
  • Production of OD 43-101 report.

According to plan, investment in PAL share at beginning of initial phase will provide a yield of 6:1 within 6 months in share value according to preliminary data. This might seem high at first glance but considering the risk and restrictions to shares transactions, this is reasonable.

Phase 1: Architectural Quartz production

  • Quarry operation and production of architectural quartz blocks;
  • White sand production for simile-quartz & resin counter;
  • Production and delivery to different distributors that already signed letters of intentions (LOI) & marketing campaign targeting architects and other distributors;
  • Installation / marketing of micronisations systems to transform waste generated by the extraction of blocks into added value commercially usable products.
  • Production and delivery to foundries and other micronized raw materials customers which we already have letters of intent (LOI), and marketing campaign to similar companies;
  • Investments costs will be made available to any interested investor.

Estimated ROI (in shares): 3-4 years. In case of a loan, full reimbursement 5 years depending on market conditions

Phase 2: Ultra-pure Quartz production

  • Construction of a quartz enrichment plant: Ultra-pure quartz sand production having less then 100ppm (target 25-50ppm) of impurities with a maximum of 0,15ppm of boron (B);
  • Investments costs will be made available to any interested investor.

Estimated ROI (in share value): pessimistic scenario, 3 years. In case of a loan, full reimbursment between 5-7 years depending on market conditions.

Phase 3 - Smelter Construction

  • Construction of a smelter in 2500 mt / yr : Production of ingot Silicon (Si Metal) between 6N and 9N (11N optimal);
  • The Si Metal is subject to market fluctuations, but the demand is growing for hi purity Si-metal because of its presence in all modern and future technologies. Alternatives are considered, but none can offer the guarantee of stability of Si at a reasonable price. All indicators point to a market where demand far exceeds supply in the short and long term;

Phase 4: R&D Activities  f(silane, optical microfibers, nano technologies, etc)  ( R&D )

Phase 5: Construction of a Si Wafer plant (6N /9N)

  • Depending on market conditions, the success of previous phases and the attitude of our partners, we consider the possibility of studying the feasibility of manufacturing in a 5th phase a wafers near the foundry as a third transformation.
  • This requires significant investment in white rooms, in advanced equipment and strong support from the community.


Phase 6: Solar panel assembly plant (6N)

Phase 7: Electronic products assembly plant (9N)