The optimum : Electronic Grade Quartz

What is electronic graded quartz?


It is a chemically balanced product for optimum electronic application.

The PAL quartz deposit has a minimum of 1.9 M mt of electronic quartz with at least 99.6% SiO².

  •  Ultra-pure silica sand (enriched) from 99.9% SiO² (3N) and more (less than 100 ppm of impurities with a max rate 0,15ppm B (Boron)), for high added value application, using new technologies.

  • Global market : photovoltaic (PV) cells, silicon wafers, nanotechnology, silicon gel, ICG, EG, electronics, etc.

  • Industrial nations are using expensive additional processes to manufacture pure silicon from Si‐metal reduction.

  • New industrialization and the globalization of the markets will bring further refinement of Si Metal, into 6N, 7N, 8N, 9N, 11N and 13N.