Other products

100% of extracted material will be used

Simili-quartz counter (c) Cambria
Simili-quartz counter (c) Cambria

During the production of architectural blocks, we will meet a loss of 40% to 50%.

This tonnage (loss) could be micronized for singular markets at a price of $ 15/mt at the quarry.


To seek a high added value to this material, and the success of our apprehended enriched quartz, we would be inclined to use more strongly quartz enrichment method to gain better economic performance,  between $ 100 and $ 6,700 per metric tonne.


Due to the pristine white color of the quartz and the huge demand for the simili-quartz counter top market (2 LOI for 50 000mt/year), all residue (lump) with a size of 12'' - 18'' diameter will go for 55$/mt at the quarry. Micronized & bagged, 100-125$/mt.

Following the apprehended success of our enriched quartz and to provide additional high value to this material, we will continue to develop our method of enrichment of quartz (Step 3) to reach targets that would allow us to get a better economic performance: we aim to obtain a value that will be at least 6 times the price of micronized residue, and could even be traded up to 60 times the base price ($ 100-6500 / t).

Example markets:

  • Castings
  • Abrasive metal
  • Silicone
  • Silica gel
  • Silica fume
  • Micro silica performance (concrete)
  • Precipitated silica filler (tires)
  • Fibre-optics
  • Synthetic quartz (2 months of growth) for the electronics market
  • Various silica sand (using sand for pets ($ 833 -1226 USD / MT)
  • Glass industry
  • Sand filter with water (100 USD / MT), for the treatment of water, oil and gas
  • Silica sand color for sand art ($ 300 / t)
  • Grain fused silica
  • Painting
  • Plastic
  • Ceramics
  • Fibreglass
  • Crystal
  • Artificial marble ($ 55 / t)
  • Boiler sand
  • Quartz powder
  • Garden sand
  • marine sand
  • chromatography
  • product of high polarity
  • graphene
  • etc.